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Featured AI Leader: Jigyasa Grover

We’re excited to present Jigyasa Grover as a Featured AI Leader. 

Let’s get to know Jigyasa and how she is using AI.

1. How is AI impacting your work?

AI has definitely helped boost my productivity. At present, I am spearheading the research and development of a domain-agnostic explainable and context‐aware recognition AI powered by LLMs to fuel data‐driven conversational solutions at Bordo AI. 

2. How do you use AI in your daily life?

I leverage a lot of AI-Powered tools to boost my productivity, be it creating my to-do lists, managing my schedules, and controlling smart home devices!

3. What is your favorite AI tool right now? 

Right now, I am enjoying playing with the multi-modality of the Gemini 1.5 Pro in the AI Studio but uploading PDFs, images, videos, etc. and creating some personalized notes for myself.

4. What advice do you have for someone who is just getting started with AI?

Work on real-world projects to gain hands-on experience; Build a portfolio showcasing your projects, contributions, and achievements; Embrace lifelong learning since AI is a rapidly evolving field, so be prepared to continuously learn and adapt to new technologies, techniques, and challenges; Show up everyday - Be persistent and resilient!

5. How can women in AI support each other? Establishing safe and inclusive spaces where women can discuss challenges, share experiences, and support each other without fear of judgment or bias. This can foster a sense of community and solidarity among women in AI. Encouraging visibility and recognition for women's achievements in AI through conferences, events, and publications. Highlighting success stories and showcasing diverse perspectives can inspire and empower other women in the field.

Want to be our next Featured AI Leader? 

Fill out the nomination form for your chance to get featured and to share your voice with the Women And AI community. 

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