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Featured AI Leader: Felicita Sandoval

We’re excited to present Felicita Sandoval as a Featured AI Leader. 

Let’s get to know how Felicita is using AI.

1. How is AI impacting your work?

AI has enabled my entrepreneurial journey and profoundly impacted my career in cybersecurity and AI. 

2. How do you use AI in your daily life?

I use AI daily to streamline tasks, enhance research, and drive my entrepreneurial projects.

3. What is your favorite AI tool right now? 


4. What advice do you have for someone who is just getting started with AI?

Start with the basics. Take courses that will allow you to build your own models. Research and experiment with different tools. 

5. Who should we follow in the AI space? 

6. How can women in AI support each other? By networking, sharing resources, mentoring, and collaborating on projects to amplify their impact in the field. 

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