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Featured AI Leader: Ewa Ding

We’re excited to present Ewa Ding as a Featured AI Leader.

Let’s get to know how Ewa is using AI.

1. How is AI impacting your work?

AI significantly impacts UX design in many ways, introducing new design challenges and opportunities to enhance the design process and user interaction.

Right now, my main focus in on tackling the new design challenges due to AI's limitations, such as trust and transparency. Additionally I am working on identifying new human-AI interaction patterns and rethinking the design principles that we need to guide design.

2. How do you use AI in your daily life?

I create custom GPTs to help me with research.

3. What is your favorite AI tool right now?

Still is

4. What advice do you have for someone who is just getting started with AI?

I would start with Andrew Ng's Coursera "AI for Everyone" courses. Focus on what AI can (and can't) do for us.

5. Who should we follow in the AI space?

I have been following Stanford HAI for several years. They have great seminars and events. We need everyone to understand and practice human-centered AI.

6. How can women in AI support each other?

Share knowledge and resources, amplify each other's voice, discuss AI's societal impact, form clear opinions on where we stand in this AI revolution.

Want to be our next Featured AI Leader?

Fill out the Featured AI Leader nomination form for your chance to get featured and to share your voice with the Women And AI community.

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