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Featured AI Leader: Daisy Francis

We’re excited to present Daisy Francis as a Featured AI Leader. Let’s learn all about how Daisy is using AI.

1. How is AI impacting your work?

AI has transformed how I work by shifting from deterministic to stochastic software. This change involves more than just adopting new tools; it requires a fundamental rethinking of my approaches and strategies to fully leverage AI's capabilities for both myself and the products I work on. The learning curve for new technologies was steep and passive, but now, AI agents facilitate a more engaging and effective way to learn new skills and understand complex concepts.

2. How do you use AI in your daily life?

I use AI tools for idea generation, research, and summarizing long documents. These tools help create structured writing and generate images for my blogs. However, I remain cautious about the content they produce, due to the inherent nature of AI, which is probabilistic rather than deterministic.

3. What advice do you have for someone who is just getting started with AI?

Do not be overwhelmed, AI is a constantly evolving field. Experiment with various AI tools and projects to find what excites you, and remember that making mistakes is a crucial part of the learning process. Joining communities or forums can provide invaluable support and inspiration on your AI journey.

4. Who should we follow in the AI space? 

Twitter handle : @deedydas , @MohapatraHemant

5. How can women in AI support each other? Women from tech and non-tech fields can support, educate, and empower each other by exchanging ideas on AI through a dedicated platform such as Women and AI.  This initiative can help demystify AI technologies and help advance in AI together.

Want to be our next Featured AI Leader? 

Fill out the nomination form for your chance to get featured and to share your voice with the Women And AI community. 

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