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Featured AI Leader: Ashley Gross

We’re excited to present Ashley Gross as a Featured AI Leader. 

Let’s get to know how Ashley is impacting Ashley's world.

1. How is AI impacting your work?

AI has fundamentally transformed how I work, streamlining processes and enhancing the efficiency and creativity of my projects. 

2. How do you use AI in your daily life?

I use AI daily, from simple tasks like organizing my schedule with AI-driven tools to deploying sophisticated AI models that help analyze data trends and inform strategic decisions. 

3. What is your favorite AI tool right now? 

Claude 3

4. What advice do you have for someone who is just getting started with AI?

Experiment with different tools and projects to see what excites you the most. And most importantly, don’t be afraid to make mistakes—it’s all part of the learning process. Joining communities or forums where you can connect with other AI enthusiasts can also be incredibly beneficial for support and inspiration.

5. Who should we follow in the AI space? 

6. How can women in AI support each other? Women in AI can advocate for each other by pushing for inclusive policies within organizations, speaking up against bias and inequality, and ensuring fair representation in AI conferences, panels, and leadership positions. Being visible and vocal about these issues raises awareness and promotes change.

Want to be our next Featured AI Leader? 

Fill out the nomination form for your chance to get featured and to share your voice with the Women And AI community. 

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